Our Community

Take the time to appreciate the finer things in life!
Call in and say ‘g’day’ to Sharon, the Postmaster. Wave to a group of blue-singleted shearers in town for shearing season. Drop in for a coffee or a cold beer at one of York’s many fine cafes or bars. It’s all part of the York experience. All part of getting off the treadmill. Relaxing. Renewing your spirit and your body. This is not a lifestyle that suits everyone but then that’s the way those of us who live here like it.
But there’s also an exotic side to life in York. Skydivers, hang gliders and hot air balloonist taking to the air from vantage points in the nearby ranges. Vintage car rallies, music, art and cultural festivals, Old movies and Open Garden weekends – every few weeks there’s an event of some kind happening in York.
But if all this activity just gets to be too much, you can escape to the tranquillity of your riverside retreat and lose yourself in the rustic beauty and peacefulness of this rural retreat.

Come for a look…Stay for the rest of your life…this is country living at it’s best.

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